Granting admin access for specific repos (as an Admin)
In order for your teammates to use the PR Coach (and for the webhooks to work), they'll need to have admin access to specific repos. We've done our best to remove friction for you, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, give us a shout anytime.

As a GitHub Admin, here are the steps for giving a teammate admin access to the desired repos for the Kiro PR Coach:

  1. 1.
    Head over to the main page of your organization and "select the repo:"
2. On the repo screen, click the "settings" button:
3. On the settings tab, click "Manage access:"
4. On the manage access area, select "the role drop down" and then select "Admin:"
5. That's it! Now your teammates will be able to set up the Kiro PR Coach without any issues 📈 If you haven't already, you'll also need to give organization approval as well.
We're here for you, so if you run into any issues, drop us an email at [email protected] or hit the messenger icon in the bottom right corner and we'll be more than happy to sort it out for you.
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