Connecting as a non-GitHub Admin
If you're an Admin of your GitHub organization, head over here.
If you're not an Admin, you're in the right place πŸ˜€
In addition to signing into and authorizing your personal GitHub account during the Kiro connection process, you'll also need to:
This will allow us to connect the Kiro PR Coach to your desired repos and make it easy to start using the dashboard.
Kiro tip: you'll need to coordinate the organization approval with your GitHub Admin and be made admin of the repos you'd like to connect Kiro to (if you're not already). We recommend getting that ready before you go through the steps below. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes when coordinating with your Admin.
Here are a few items to help you with your admin coordination:

When you're ready and coordinated with your GitHub admin, here are a list of steps you’ll need to go through:

1. Head to over to the Kiro app and click the 'Log in with GitHub' button:
2. You'll then be taken to the GitHub OAuth screen. Click the blue 'Request' button first:

Before continuing, this is where we recommend you coordinate with your GitHub Admin to confirm access. Keep the Kiro browser tab open.

3. When you've completed the access with your GitHub Admin, then click the green 'Authorize Kiro-Development' button:
4. After authorizing Kiro in the app interface, you'll be taken to the repo selection screen. As a reminder, make sure you're an admin of the repos below, before selecting and continuing to the PR Coach dashboard:
If you don't see your repos listed, try refreshing the list of give us a shout at [email protected]
5. Once your repos have been selected, click 'Continue' and then you're all ready to rock it! 🀘
We're here for you, so if you run into any issues, drop us an email at [email protected] we'll be more than happy to sort it out for you.
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