GitHub Admin request template
Work together with your GitHub Admin to get the Kiro PR Coach set up.
Here is an email template you can send to your GitHub Admin, for when you need organization approval for connecting your repositories to Kiro. Feel free to adjust as you see fit in your team. And, let us know if you need anything else - just give us a shout.
Subject: Requesting GitHub access for new Kiro App
Hey (name),
How's it going? I'd like to set up a new developer tool into my workflow, and it's called the Kiro PR Coach (here are the docs that Kiro provides).
First, here are the benefits for us as an engineering team:
  • It helps reduce the GitHub work-in-progress (specifically with pull requests) and keeps it to a manageable level.
  • It improves the code review process with our team.
  • Helps me complete my pull requests and ship faster to our customers.
  • Cuts down on stale pull requests, and pull requests waiting in limbo.
  • Unblock and make progress together as a team.
In addition, here's the security that Kiro provides (also highlighted here):
  • Kiro is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing end-to-end security and privacy features built in. Kiro takes additional proactive measures to ensure a secure infrastructure environment. For additional, more specific details regarding AWS security, it's housed here:
  • Kiro uses MongoDB and ScaleGrid for their MongoDB hosting, and use both of their security and privacy features.
  • Infrastructure tokens and passwords are encrypted files using Ansible Vault with rotated passwords.
  • User access tokens to third party APIs (i.e. GitHub) are encrypted using an encryption algorithm.
  • Passwords are stored encrypted in the Kiro Database using bcrypt.
  • 3rd party software dependencies have been updated to their recent versions.
  • GitHub authentication is done through OAuth.
  • Kiro needs both read and write access. The reason for the write access is due to Kiro using GitHub webhooks for generating real-time updates on my Kiro PR Coach dashboard. Note: Kiro is not writing anything into GitHub at the moment, besides a webhook to grab repo updates.
Here are the next steps and things we'll need to do to get set up with the PR Coach:
Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, and I'm happy to help however I can. The Kiro Team is also available for any support at [email protected].
Thanks again for the help!
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